Home Care: Wood Furniture


• Wipe your wooden furniture everyday with dry and soft cloth.
• To keep your wooden furniture shiny, have them polish every 6 (six) months. Do not mix various types of polish. Use any particular type of polish of your choice.
• To get rid of wood insects spray Neem Oil every 6 (six) months.
• If any of your wooden furniture is bug-ridden, first isolate it and then take necessary action.
• If sun light enters into your room and reach your wood furniture, use heavy curtain.
• At times of shifting your furniture, keep eye on the furniture joints – they may got broken.
• Put some camphor or mineral spirit on soft cloth and rub, many of the stains will become vanish.
• If you get scratch mark on your wooden furniture, you may use matching shoe polish.
• To get rid of Cigarette stains, use scratch concealing polish.
• Use table mat.

Do Not:

• Do not wipe your wooden furniture with wet cloth. This will stain your furniture.
• Don’t keep your wooden furniture in sun light. This will affect your wood colour and make them light. Wooden furniture in direct sun light may have crack as well.
• Do not put water glass directly over the wooden furniture. Use tray to put the glasses. Otherwise, your furniture will get stain, rotten.
• Don’t store your wood furniture in a place that is over hot or over cold. This will destroy your wood.
• Don’t put hot dishes over the wooden furniture. They will discolor the furniture and may give permanent stains.

iPhone 6 - Raiting

Rating for iPhone 6 :

Design              - 95%
Features          - 95%
Performance  - 95%
Price               - 78%

OVERALL RAITING: 91% (Excellent)

In the world of Mobile phone, the most rumor in the current days may be i Phone 6. Long awaited by many now has come to end.

But among all the Android and big phablets, the 4 inch Apple devices was going little behind. Even many of their loyal customers want an iPhone with larger screen.

Finally they have decided to enlarge the display a little more. iPhone 6 is going to contain a 4.7 inch IPS LCD display with Sapphire crystal glass protection which will be very hard to break or crack. It may also have the new Apple A8 chipset and iOS 8 Operating System.

Although android has almost 80% of the market, we are assuming that with this device Apple can provide a very strong comeback. There is no confirmation of the price yet. But this would definitely be among the most important facts in the market.